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The DuPont Historical Museum was opened in 1977 and is still thriving. The historical materials available to view include manuscripts, books, newspapers, periodicals, photos, maps and other archival materials. The beautiful Robinson Park, adjacent to DuPont Museum's facility, adds to your museum experience.

History of DuPont

DuPont is the Gateway to Puget Sound History, and is a city of "firsts:"

  • Home of the first European settlement in Puget Sound - The original 1832 Hudson's Bay Company Fort Nisqually
  • In 1906 the first industrial plant in the Northwest owned by the E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company was built in DuPont to manufacture explosives and remained in operation until 1976
  • The Beaver was the first steamboat on the northwest coast
  • The first American settlement in Puget Sound General
  • The first Fourth of July celebration west of the Missouri River was held here by Captain Wilkes and the U.S. Exploring Expedition
  • The first overland road in the Pacific Northwest Territory (1834)
  • The Nisqually Mission (1839 to 42) was home to the first school teacher, the first wedding of U.S. citizens, and the first birth of an American child
  • Was the first named location in the Oregon Territory
  • Weyerhaeuser's planned community, Northwest Landing, in DuPont became a model for New Urbanism and Smart Growth movements

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